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Ashton House, a leading independent prep school based in Isleworth, tasked us with creating a refreshed marketing campaign to unify their marketing and comms strategy and drive their brand narrative forward. We delivered a new set of brand values, to sit centre stage on all future collateral, along with full guidelines of use across digital and print platforms.

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Web Design



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We delivered a new set of brand values which focussed on the unique qualities of an Ashton House education over rival schools in the area. As a small independent prep school, Ashton benefits from an extremely tight-knit community where teachers know each child individually, allowing them to provide a tailored education for each and every child, building in them a confidence to face new challenges in a nurturing environment. We put the focus of the schools communications in three key ares:

Caring: Referring to the high quality of pastoral care available to the pupils and the importance placed on family and community at the school.

Curious: Referring to the intellectual curiosity which is instilled each child, encouraging them to becoming independent learners and thinkers.

Confident: Referring to the confidence Ashton builds into their pupils, preparing them for the challenges of later life.

We delivered with these new brand values a full tone of voice and messaging style guide to ensure consistent communication of these Key messages both for internal and external comms.



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Website Design

We worked in creative collaboration with partner agency SiteBites to help map the homepage of the website ensuring that key messaging was integrated seamlessly with the homepage design. The concept was to create a customer pathway which explores each of the keywords and their real word meaning, signposting the customers to relevant further information and giving prospective parent a true understanding of the school’s educational ethos.

See more here: www.ashtonhouse.com



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As part of the website build the Joshua team were tasked with capturing bright vibrant imagery which reflected the Ashton House Brand Values. These now populate the new website and are used throughout all official school communication channels.



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