Wellington College

We were tasked to provide an on-going 360 marketing campaign for Wellington College, including full social media account management, video production photography, design and full creative consultancy.

Our on-going work with Wellington College is building on the already established #WeAreWellington Campaign. We are continuing to produce engaging, high value content for its community through digital and print platforms which should see the school connect with its audience like never before. 

A key element of the campaign is to empower its student body through user generated content as well as showcasing the Wellington Identity as an integral part of the College, from which the Identity Series was born, a 8-part youtube series aimed at unearthing the individual stories and developments of pupils at the school.

Utilising highly targeted social media advertising, our digital team are highlighting key demographics of current and prospective stake holders to better improve the brand messaging of the client and increase ROI’s in the coming months

Joshua Moses