A campaign that explored the true meaning of being a Georgian and what qualities each and every girl is equipped with along their unique journey at St George's, Ascot. After immersing our team within the St George's, Ascot community one statement resonated with us:

"You will always know a St George’s girl because she is confident and capable and connected."

Over the course of 12-months, we build a fully integrated campaign highlighting just how Georgians are truly #SGAconfident, #SGAcapable, and #SGAconnected that spanned across print, film and highly targeted social media advertising.


Creative Consultancy


Graphic Design


Social Media Account Management




Video Production



Design & Branding

We were tasked with redesigning the key print collateral for St George’s Ascot, delivering a refreshed prospectus package with information booklet and, the introduction of a brand new Sixth Form Prospectus to help celebrate the fantastic breadth a Sixth Form education at the school can offer.

Our team of designers worked to deliver a refreshed print package which focussed on clean and modern design, reflecting the school’s status as a leading independent sending girls to top universities both in the UK and abroad.

The new Sixth form prospectus took inspiration from the Higher Education sector promoting clean images and lines with a focus on clear delineation between subject choices and showcasing the career paths and further opportunities for the pupils at the school.

With the prospectus the team worked to reimagine the role of a traditional prospectus separating the document into two key sub documents. The Prospectus itself focussed on highlighting the key messaging behind an education at St George’s Ascot and what makes their girls so unique. The second, and information booklet, focussed on the intricacies of the curriculum itself and the more traditional information such as timetables and bus routes. The separation between the two allows for a pairing of documents which work in tandem to both inspire a future customer and to provide them with the necessary information they need when choosing the school.

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Social Media Marketing

Over the course of 24 months, Joshua Design Group delivered on full account management for St George’s Ascot. The main focus was to showcase the three facets of an education St George’s, that a girl leaves their doors, Capable, Confident & Connected.

Strategy & Training

The first step in the campaign was to review the current Social channels, their purpose, audience and key objectives. Following the review a full campaign strategy was written, including paid advertisement campaigns with the goal to increase attendance at Open Days and events. Full social media training was given to staff members who represented sub accounts to ensure that all digital communications were consistent and working to a common goal.

Account Management

Throughout the two years our team of Social Experts ran fully integrated campaigns across all of the key St George’s Ascot accounts with an emphasis on high quality photography and consistent brand messaging. The campaign proved effective with significant growth in followers and engagement. Additionally the campaign delivered in supporting the school’s internal communications with students gaining a deeper understanding of what Capable, Confident and Connected means.

Ad Management

In addition to account management the team at Joshua ran a number of successful targeted ad campaigns aimed at increasing attendance to key admission events throughout the year. With the majority of parents having active facebook accounts, the ads were run across the platform to encourage web sign ups. Campaigns were so successful that they often had to be cut short of their predicted run time due to oversubscription.




Video Content Series

We believe that to stand out you need access to specialists to deliver compelling narrative.

Our unique combination of talent, knowledge and experience delivers just that across. Whether its strategy, social media management, website development or digital & print content production our team are devoted to telling your story with impact!







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The Results 




1.1 MILLION PEOPLE total campaign reach



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“The team are genuinely interested in our identity, and have helped better articulate our own vision and expression of what we are trying to achieve.”

Kerry Bertram, St George's Ascot