Wellesley House School approached us to develop a top-down branding and marketing solution for the Kent based Prep School and the launch of their new Pre-prep school in 2019.


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Design & Branding

As part of the redevelopment of the Wellesley House Brand, our team was tasked with refreshing the guidelines to allow for flexibility and adaptability for digital platforms and creative campaigns.

The starting point was the logo which was redrawn and produced in both mono positive and negative versions to allow more flexibility where necessary. The tagline “A Scalis Patulis Ad Astra” (From Stairs Broad to the Stars) was typeset beneath the logo type to place emphasis on the heritage of the school. A secondary colour palette was introduced to create further depth in the visual identity and the as a central image for the school, the Wellesley Lion was given freedom to be used as a graphic device throughout printed documents where appropriate.

The result was a refreshed brand identity which works across both digital and print platforms and us fitting to the requirements of a modern VI, without loosing the heritage and history of the school. This new identity formed the backbone for the production of a suite of print marketing collateral including, Prospectus, Print Ads, Banners and Postcards.

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Website Design

Joshua Design Group worked in creative collaboration with SiteBites to produce a new website for Wellesley House which was visually stunning but, crucially, performed as a marketing tool for attracting prospective parents.

Key to the design of the Wellesley site was developing a customer pathway which offers direct call to actions for a prospective parent, without interfering with key information. The secondary focus was in unified brand imagery, the Website was built in conjunction with the Prospectus with imagery carefully selected to allow for visual symmetry between the page and the screen.

The result was a website which is visually appealing whilst clean and simple to navigate, with clear access to key information and enquiry points. Upon delivery training was supplied to allow for the site to be maintained in house by staff with an easy to use Wordpress CRM.



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Film & Photography

Following the rebrand of the school, Joshua Design Group were tasked to shoot a refreshed collection of imagery to capture the essence of a seaside education at Wellesley House. The key focus was on outdoor learning, pastoral care and pupil engagement, whilst capturing the quirks of a school with over 150 years of heritage.

In addition to celebrate the launch of a new site and a new Pre-Prep offering, Wellesley have commissioned a vibrant and high paced film (in post production) which captures the spirit of the school. The video builds on the theme of a day in the life of a Wellesley Pupil with a subtle progression of pupil ages and a showcase of the opportunities opened to a child in their time there.